Packaging inspire (7th!)

I'm a big fan of decorating my packages and parcels and letters... I think you all already knew that :D

In this post I want to show you some cool ideas how to decorate your mail. If you are not very into snail mailing, you might still want to send a Christmas gift or something to your friend. If so, this post is definitely for you! And by the way, those pictures are not mine, they're just something I found and wanted to show. :)


Sometimes Creative: Fun Mail / Packages

The original idea was to send candy in mail (just add an address label + stamp and that's it!), but I thought that you can also reuse your candy boxes and use them as a funny package! For a Christmas themed package, use some Christmas candy boxes. Maybe candy canes? :)


you can use washi tape when packaging! You don't have to be decorating a present, mail is as fun to decorate as this! :)

(picture from Pinterest)

Using washi tape (or any kind of tape you prefer) is a good and easy way to decorate almost everything!


Récupère les enveloppes en papier kraft que tu reçois par la poste, découpe l'arrière de l'enveloppe, souvent vierge au format A4, imprime l'adresse de la personne à qui se destine le cadeau + un faux timbre et tampon, ajoute un brin de laine et voilà, un beau paquet cadeau récup' !

                                                                                (picture from Pinterest)

A yarn around a package would also be super cute extra in your mail! Just remember to tie it super tight and add maybe some glue or tape to make sure that it won't fall off.


 You can write something cute too :3 (click!)

That's all for now! Hopefully you liked the ideas <3

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