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How are you? I can't name any particular reason why, but today's been such an awful day. I hate to complain, especially online, but I just haven't liked this day at all. It hasn't liked me either, so I guess the feeling's mutual. 

Anyway, let's talk about yesterday which was MUCH better! :D

Yesterday was a day of creative and happy mail. I received a letter that I'd been looking forward to and also sent a letter I put a lot of effort into! I'll talk more about the latter when I'm sure it's made it to Hong Kong so that I won't ruin the surprise :D

But the letter I can talk about is this:

It's from one of the penpals I've been writing with since I started this hobby, Jade!  I love the marbled envelope and the 'Happy Holidays' postal mark.

The letter was super cool with all the instructions and secrecy, I was maybe even a bit too excited when opening the letter xD However, the letter turned out to be an example of one of the most creative letters I've ever received! At least I've never seen anyone using this technique in letter writing (tell me if you have bc I'm interested haha). The letter was made like a waterfall card and I really like the idea! (Doyou know waterfall cards? If you don't, I suggest you to Google them. ^^) 

I had a hard time trying to take a picture showing the letter but not really showing the letter xD Hopefully you'll still get the idea! 

There was also one more sheet of paper because the cards weren't enough and a really cool marbled envelope inside Thanks!!

Also today I received this flower chaincard from Croatia and already added the stamps for it's new journey to Japan:

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  1. Tosi hieno kirje! Rakastan tuollaisia mail art -projekteja, harmi vain, että itseltä puuttuu sekä taito että aika väkertää niitä.

    1. Mä tykkään tuosta itsekin ihan valtavasti! Mulla on sama ajan kanssa, tuntuu ettei koskaan oikein ehdi kunnolla panostamaan mihinkään kivaan, kun koulujuttuja pukkaa eteen koko ajan >_<


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