Flowers Everywhere


How are you? I think I'm still lacking motivation, inspiration and whatnot but I'm here anyway. :D

I'm sorry for being M.I.A for so long! I've been busy organizing my life (sounds cliched but actually it's not) and, surprisingly, everything looks much clearer now. There's only one school period left (and only one exam week, yes!) and I still don't really get it. This year went by so quickly! In a couple of weeks I'll be in Rome with  my class and I'm so excited! I'm also about to get my car driving license soon (next Wednesday I hope!). That, and the struggle of finding a summer job have been my number one stress makers lately. But now I also have a summer job and it happens to be something I really love to do! There's also a lot of other exciting things about to happen in Summer. Finally I feel like I can actually breath. I love the weather outside, especially all the flowers, and those were my inspiration to edit these mail pictures haha...

So, in the middle of all the other things in my super busy high school life (haha), I've also sent mail. Occasionally, people ask me why I send mail and isn't it boring blah blah and right now I could say I'm doing this because it's my number one stress reducer. Making others happy makes me happy. :) 

All these letters etc. below are quite old already and probably they've all traveled to their destinations by now so please don't mind. :D

These three went to Poland, China and Sri Lanka:


I loved making those envelopes! I used these Finns-are-so-weird stamps:

This letter is to Shine, Chine:

This one is to Martyna, Poland:

And this one is to Suhanya, Sri Lanka:

In her last letter she sent me a magnet so I wanted to send her a magnet aswell :)

And this yellow letter I sent to Emilia, my pretty much first actual Finnish penpal ever:

Here's what was inside:

Oh, and the final chain card from the other flower themed chain, ready to be sent back to Malaysia:

 Aaand, here's the reply I got from Emilia the first Finnish penpal of mine:

I just LOVE how beautiful the envelope is! And the matching stamps! 

  On the back it says "open immediately" which is pretty much what I did as soon as I received the letter :D

I was so awed when I opened the envelope, everything was just so pretty!

And I love how she'd put all the letter papers separately (or how should I call that? xD)! For example, in that picture below it says "here you can find 5 and 6" :)


 And this letter I got from Daria, Germany:

I love how the envelope was filled with all those cute stickers, stationery and such! 

And this letter I sent to Sara, Malaysia:

The envelope looks quite bad in the picture.. But anyway, I tried a bit marbling with it and it didn't turn out the way I had hoped but I still like the result. :) I put one of those stamps on her letter too:

That's all from now. Thanks for reading!  Let's see when you'll hear from me the next time :D


Lack of inspiration & two incoming letters


At times I find it really hard to come up with something to write here. This is one of those times. 

The school day was normal. Busy, but normal. It's only been like two weeks since I came back from Russia and I'm already feeling the biggest urge to get abroad. So nothing's changed. :D 

Only thing that has changed is that I've received these two beauties and they made me super happy!

The letter with many stamps on (I mean, look at them. How pretty!) is from my new penpal Sara from Malaysia and the other is from Shine, China. :)

The stamps on Shine's letter are also really nice:

 And the letter overall is amazing!

And so is this one from Sara!

Thanks! :)

I haven't written much lately, I've just been waiting for an inspiration.. Hopefully I'll feel like writing again very soon :D


Two Incoming Mails


Nowt that I've came back from the beautiful Saint Petersburg  (The city was truly amazing and the buildings were GORGEOUS, I need to get there again!) I can show you some mail I got before the trip! These two came on the same day:

The pretty letter above is from my new-ish penpal Suhanya from Sri Lanka. The magnet is the so cool!

And the card below is from Ukraine and you can probably tell it's a part of a chain card project, a flower themed one! :D

The card is pretty from both sides! :)

Thanks, ladies!


Love From Finland

Tiistaina koulun jälkeen iskä tuli hakemaan mua koulusta, kun piti heti ehtiä vielä kirjastoon. Aloitin lähes heti autoon päästyäni jo tutuksi tulleen sarjan kysymyksiä: Tuliko mitään postia? Sainko minä jotain? Myöntävän vastauksen jälkeen jatkan: Mitä sain? Keneltä? Millainen kirjekuori siinä on? Iskä vastasi, että kirje oli "sellainen värikäs" ja jatkoi sen olevan "luultavasti Kiinasta". Näin iskä lähes aina vastaa. :D Joten olin ihan ällikällä löyty, kun kotiin päästyäni näin kirjeen. Se ei todellakaan ollut Kiinasta, vaan täältä kotisuomesta! Ja vielä ihanan pirteän värikäs kuori! 

Nätit kirjekuoret saa mut hetkessä ihan järjettömän hyvälle tuulelle! 

Kirje oli mun ihka ensimmäiseltä suomalaiselta kirjekaverilta sitten ala-asteen, Emilialta!

Kirje oli täynnä kaikkia ihania yksityiskohtia... 

...kuten leimoja ja tosi kauniita teippejä! :)

Kiitti, Emilia!

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