Card from... TEXAS!

We have an exam week now and because of that we can leave school after we've finished our exams (that's how it goes if there's no 'special' activity planned for us, though). Today was my Russian exam's turn so it didn't take me too long and I was ready to leave at 12.00. Now I've been at home for 40 minutes or so and since I should study for my tomorrow's Swedish exam (and Thursday's English exam..) I'm writing to you guys.. Trying to keep myself busy I guess. xD 

Anyway, here is a card that I received last week but just forgot to put in my last blog post:

It's from a Chinese girl living now in Texas, Mengyu! We decided to exchange postcards from where we live and explain our cultures a bit that way. I love the idea! I should send my card out ASAP, I guess I'll have time to write a card today.. Okay, not. I really should study. :D But if you're reading this, Mengyu, I promise to write it this week!! Thanks :)

Oh and in the corner of this ^ picture is a letter I sent to Martyna, Poland. I filmed the card and the letter at the same time! :D I won't post any more pictures of that letter yet, I'll wait until it's received so the surprise won't get ruined.. ;) Haha, take care and I'll talk (write) to you soon!


Last weeks mail (#13)

It's such a great way of starting this week by showing you what was inside my mailbox last week, isn't it? :) 

In the beginning of the week I received a letter from my Russian friend Olga, a few days later arrived this a bit thicker letter (which I found out was also from Olga :D) and on thursday I got a letter from Shine, China (check out those heart-shaped stamps!)! Let's get a closer look! :)

Inside the (first) letter from Olga I found two beautiful cards (my birthday was a month ago, it seems like the postal service has been extremely slow this time.. But I don't mind, it's great the letter finally made it to me!) and a short letter! *__* <3

And in the letter / small parcel that arrived just some days after were these two chocolates as a small birthday gift  ^^

I'll show you the letter from China by this little collage! Shine sent me a card showing traditional Chinese art, three Japanese stamps (so pretty!!), a bus ticket and the actual letter of course. If you see this post, Shine: Thank you! :)

Let's see what amazingness I'll found from the mailbox this week, have a great (mail) week everyone!!


SPSH Swap 2015 - outgoing to Italy!

Yey I'm so excited to write you about something cool I participated in about three weeks ago; the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt hosted by Fab from Snail Mail Love blog!! 

According to Fab, SPSH is "a swap aimed two connect to strangers via mail by having them randomly paired, and exchanging a package full of wonders!". This was my first time joining the swap and I really love the idea! :)

Even though I'm still waiting for my own parcel to arrive (soon, I hope!!), I wanted to show you what I got for my partner, Barbara from Italy! Below you can see everything I sent her in small packagings. 

 We had to pick five items from this list to find/craft + a gift:
  • the City Explorer's Kit: take a day off and collect little things of your city for your partner. Can include, but not limited to: maps, flowers & leaves, postcards, tiny souvenirs, photos, interesting newspaper clippings & pamphlets, etc  - just don't grab a bunch of random junk within arm's reach, put some effort in it; 
  • Something that represent you: for example - are you an artist? Send your partner a little painting. Do you love to knit? Send your partner a hat.. and so on;
  • A mix CD with your favorite tunes. (Pro Tip: create a cover for it);
  • the Postal Freak's Kit: Can include, but not limited to: postal goodies such as address labels, used stamps, envelopes, stationery, a mail art kit etc.
  • the Bad Day Survival Kit: assemble a kit of nice things that may help your partner to feel better when they're having a bad day. (Ideas: your favorite candy, a poem/story, bubble bath, a list of  happy songs/movies etc);
  • Something quirky;
  • Something with - your partner's - monogram on it;
  • Something oddly shaped;
  • Something old fashioned;
  • Something to read;
  • + a gift for your partner!

As soon as I saw the list I had a lot of ideas what to do, totally inspired! :D

The first thing I picked from the list was this, 'the Postal Freak's Kit'. I included some cardstocks, envelopes, papers, tags...

...and this small bag/envelope filled with stickers, used stamps, priority labels etc ^^

 For 'something quirky' I decided to send something Finnish and sweet; Angry Birds treats (2 lollipops + liquorice)! Maybe not the quirkiest thing ever but ohwell, at least my partner liked them which counts the most, right?

I loved to put this one together! It's 'the Bad Day Survival Kit' where I put some candies, Finnish chocolate (who wouldn't need some chocolate on a bad day?), Moomin tea, perfume...Oh, and a list of cheerful (Finnish) songs!

For 'the City Explorer's Kit' I found some brochures and maps from multiple cities instead of just one. And added a few photos (they look strange in this picture because of the lightning) :)

And for the gift I decided to send Barbara a bit of Finnish design! 

Now I'll continue looking forward to my SPSH incoming mail... Can't wait! :)


Goodies from Modes4u!! *___*

Sooo I ordered some stuff from Modes4u.com some time ago... And I got a bit over excited while ordering because the pile of the stuff was quuuite big *facepalm* But at least I don't have to worry about running out of paper for the rest of my life... or something :D

But I want to show you all the goodies I got!!

(At first I started to list the names etc of those letter sets but then thought it's too much work since I'm in a hurry writing this post... So if any of you are willing to know the details of some of these goodies --> feel free to ask me, I'd love to help!)

Here's all the stuff! ↴ :)

And then I wanted to photograph the letter sets in small sections, front and back! ↴

(I got also one notebook ^^) 

My faves are maybe those two mini letter sets, but I do love them all obviously. :D Is there something that catches your eyes?

They even sent me a little tape roll as a thanks-for-ordering gift thing! :3

I hope you liked this a little different post! See you! 


✿ I'm not dead & Cool mail ✿

Hi! YES, I'm alive. :) Gosh it's been too long since I've posted anything!! But it doesn't mean I haven't been active with mail stuff.. I actually have some cool things to show you in the future. :D

But now to some incoming mail from last week!

Here is a letter that I got from my new Polish penpal Martyna! She sent me a coin, some tea, movie ticket, handmade bracelet (love it!) and more. :) Thank you!

And this letter is from Xavier, China. He sent me a post card and a little (play?) card which is actually a hologram so it changes colours if you look it from different angles, so cool! And eight also happens to be my lucky number so yey :D Thanks, Xavier!

Here's a better picture of the card! :)

Stay tuned for more posts soon! ;)

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