Foreign coins :)

I love foreign coins! Of course I had to join two foreign coins swaps. :D I've already told you a bit about it when I sent the first coin envelope to Thailand (click!), the second one is still on it's way to it's destination. But today I received both of the coin swaps, on the same day! :)

The first one was from Russia, I love those stamps!!

Yulia sent me two cards as extra...

...and of course the coins! :) I really like that plane washi *__*
And the other one was from Turkey. I had no idea where exactly the sender lived, only knew the country. So it was a total surprise when I read that it said "Bursa" on the envelope! :D Bursa happens to be the place I just spent three weeks of my summer vacation in exchange and you have no idea how thrilled I was to receive something from there!! Even though I don't really know the person who sent those coins to me, it's amazing to think that the envelope came from Bursa. :)

I wanted to take closer pictures of the coins. Don't mind my hand, it looks funny and red because it was cold. :D
These are the Russian coins:

And the Turkish ones:

I get that it's always a risk to join a swap like this because you can't choose the country you receive things from or send to. I already had coins from Turkey (due the fact that you all know because I'm mentioning it all the time xD), but I don't mind receiving more. :)

I really like those coins! Next time I'll show you some mail I've sent recently :)


Stamps to Australia

Another swap I've joined - 10 Used Post Stamps #28! Here are the stamps I sent to Australia, the stamps that I got from my partner are already here. :)

I even took the pictures outside! :D Not sure whether the background looks nice or just simply stupid. Anyway, :D here are the stamps I sent:

Oh, and have you already voted? I added a poll about what you'd like to read on this blog, you can find it in the right top corner! :)


★ Two Outgoing Swaps

Here's some of the mail I sent last week!

Left: Favourite Quote PC Swap ★ Right: 20 Used Post Stamps #26 Swap

I really can't say I like the plain envelope that left to Germany, I should've decorated it :/

But I like the stamp I put on it :D

And the card's also to Germany  

These are the stamps I sent:

For what I know, at least the postcard is already received. Now I'm just waiting for my other mail to reach their destinations.. :)

And I just realized today is exactly 100 days from the last night in Turkey! I still can't believe it! Time is a strange thing, it always amazes me. So tomorrow is a day when I've been at home again for total 100 days. Wow. O__O That's all I can say really.

I'll talk to you guys soon with more mail I sent last week! 


Floral Amazingness from Las Vegas

I was so happy to see this beautiful envie in my mailbox today:

Turned out it was from Las Vegas, USA via another used stamps swap I've joined! :) The whole thing was to send only 10 used post stamps, but my sweet partner took it to the next level and also sent a postcard and a small gift. 

I especially love those four stamps from Japan! 

My partner Liz sent me these as a gift:

Thanks a lot! :)


Happy (Disney-ish) mail ✿♥‿♥✿

What would be better than having an autumn holiday, no school stress, warm weather, homemade marshmallows AND receiving two lovely surprises in the mail?

(Okay, honestly I could think of many other and possibly even better options, like all those things but in the summer lol, BUT at this moment I'm beyond happy and grateful ♥)

Anyway, these cuties totally were surprises! The pink letter is from my new penpal from Hong Kong and the card is from Anaheim, California. It was a "Disney PC Swap" and my partner wanted to send me that postcard from Disneyland because she said she lived very near to Disneyland, I love it! :)

Also she had put on some HP stamps I didn't already have! ♥

And here's  a closer look of the letter from Chloe! Funny coincidence, she also sent me something related to Disneylands, stickers from the Hong Kong Disneyland! :D I love the letter a lot ^^

Thanks, girls! ♥

Oh and to my penpals: Since I'm having a short autumn break now, I'm going to answer to all my letters this week! Thanks for the patience! ♥ :) 


Bunch of Used Stamps & Other Swaps & Letter from Germany

As promised, here's more of my latest mail, mostly swaps! :)

This first envelope is for the "Coins Swap E", I sent a whole Finnish euro coin set to Thailand:

And here's some lovely incoming mail:

A card I received from Florida, "Simply a Senders Choice Tourist PC" swap, love the stamps!!

And I also got a pretty letter (love the envelope!!) from the amazing Daria, Germany. I love how she'd wrapped her letter and goodies! <3

A long, pretty letter and stickers and a couple memos ^^

I also joined "20 Used Post Stamps #26" swap because I thought it'd be so much fun, and I was right :D I've never really "collected" stamps or even thought it'd be interesting. I've just somehow always really liked different stamps from different places but never actually called it "collecting" them. I decided to get rid of some prejudices of stamp collecting being extremely boring hobby and joined the swap. I really like what my Dutch partner sent me!

As the title says, the idea was to send 20 used post stamps, anything more will just be extra. Well, my partner sent me these definitely 20+ stamps and... 

...also these stamps as an extra gift! <3

 And here's two closer look pictures because I couldn't decide which pics to post! :D

My faves :)

Thanks, everyone!! ^^


Outgoing mail to Poland, Arizona, China, Virginia...

Hey loves!
Here's some outgoing mail that's hopefully already found their way to where they belong. ^^
These three letters I sent out about 2 weeks ago:

To Shine, China ↴

To Martyna, Poland ↴

I also sent her some used stamps and coins :)

To Daria, Germany ↴

And these are some cards for two of my first "real" Swap-bot swaps! Simply a Sender's Choice Tourist Postcard Swap (two PCs) & Disney PC Swap Int. #4  :) (AND the same letter to Poland I sent two weeks ago. I had to resend it for a reason you'll read soon >__<) ↴

Soo in the first picture you can see how this envelope looked like when I sent it for the first time. Turned out that it wasn't clear enough that the letter was to POLAND not to Finland.. I found it in my mailbox a day after sending it! :D But I'm glad that a) it came back to me so I could send it again and b) it wasn't marked so I didn't have to struggle with figuring out whether I should make a new envelope or just covering the old stamp. xD And I get it why the letter came back to me, I admit that it was quite incoherent.

So here's how I tried to make it clear it's supposed to go to Poland haha :D ↴ At least I haven't gotten it back again so I'm really hoping it's in Poland safe and sound now ^^

Oh, and here are the stamps I put on the postcards to Arizona, Germany and Virginia!


I've gotten totally in love with Swap-bot, so many swap-related posts coming soon... ;D 

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