Outgoing mail to Poland, Arizona, China, Virginia...

Hey loves!
Here's some outgoing mail that's hopefully already found their way to where they belong. ^^
These three letters I sent out about 2 weeks ago:

To Shine, China ↴

To Martyna, Poland ↴

I also sent her some used stamps and coins :)

To Daria, Germany ↴

And these are some cards for two of my first "real" Swap-bot swaps! Simply a Sender's Choice Tourist Postcard Swap (two PCs) & Disney PC Swap Int. #4  :) (AND the same letter to Poland I sent two weeks ago. I had to resend it for a reason you'll read soon >__<) ↴

Soo in the first picture you can see how this envelope looked like when I sent it for the first time. Turned out that it wasn't clear enough that the letter was to POLAND not to Finland.. I found it in my mailbox a day after sending it! :D But I'm glad that a) it came back to me so I could send it again and b) it wasn't marked so I didn't have to struggle with figuring out whether I should make a new envelope or just covering the old stamp. xD And I get it why the letter came back to me, I admit that it was quite incoherent.

So here's how I tried to make it clear it's supposed to go to Poland haha :D ↴ At least I haven't gotten it back again so I'm really hoping it's in Poland safe and sound now ^^

Oh, and here are the stamps I put on the postcards to Arizona, Germany and Virginia!


I've gotten totally in love with Swap-bot, so many swap-related posts coming soon... ;D 

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