Christmas card inspiration!

I've been making a lot of Christmas cards lately and I've got some inspiration from Pinterest. I thought it would be nice to share some of those lovely ideas with you! :) Pictures aren't mine, they're all found from Pinterest. Hopefully you'll like them! :) 

How to Make a 3D Ornament Cardlove the tree!

» DIY // Christmas card

Loving #Kelly Purkey Washi Tape for those modern Christmas cards !  More details on my blog http://bootsblogspot.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/washi-tree.html

<3 Snowflake card

Christmas Countdown: Handmade Holiday Cards

Milk and Cookies


Such cute Christmas cards

john lewis : inspiration ! <3

1497678_625703797470894_2034933875_n.jpg (450×637)

JAS Challenge...Christmas Fun

I'm sorry, the quality of those pictures is not very good! :c It's quite bad actually :D

Here's link to the same kind of post I did last year. ---> CLICK!
I personally prefer those other cards because I think that they're cuter :D

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  1. Tosi kivoja ideoita. :) Käytin itsekin tänä vuonna korteissa vanhoja nappeja, niin kuin osassa noista on käytetty.

    1. Kiitos! Mun mielestä nuo on myös tosi ihania. Mä käytin viime vuoden korteissa hiukan enemmän nappeja kuin tänä vuonna, mutta käytin tänä vuonna kuitenkin. :D Ne tuo mun mielestä kortteihin söpön lisän :)


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