How did I start snail mailing? (omg it's the 16th day already :O)

So you know that I've been snail mailing for some time now. But how did the whole thing start? Today I'll tell you a little bit about that!

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I have always loved to make cards, especially Christmas cards. When I had learned to read and write (I was about 4 years old) I always wanted to write the greetings and addresses. Sometimes I wrote a mini 'letters' that I wanted to sent within the card. I just kinda loved the idea how you first write the letter and then write an address on the envelope and then you drop it in the mail box. After a while, the letter has magically appeared in your friend's mail box. I couldn't understand it back then :D

When I was in elementary school, I had a few Finnish penpals. Mostly my friends or cousins. I loved writing to them even though the letters were reeeally short back then. They didn't have much meaning though. Usually you just wrote something about your favourite ice cream flavour  or what you ate for lunch. Letters were also full of drawings. But the letters were like the biggest treasures of yours. The best part was when you received some candy in the mail. :D 

In the sixth grade I came up with an idea about having a foreign penpal. I still remember that day. I was at home doing my history homework (or whatever subject I was working on with) when the idea just popped into my mind. At first I didn't say anything about it to my friends or parents because I thought it was a very stupid idea. :D I was like 'who would like to be my penpal because I don't know anyone abroad?' (expect my relatives from Germany, ADULT relatives. So that wasn't an option). That's why I kind of buried the thought for awhile. But only for a few months. :) During the summer 2011 when I was about to start the junior high school soon I registered into some penpalling websites. That's how I got my first foreign penpals.

I was hooked. I started with only two or three penpals, which was enough at first. I loved writing letters and the whole snailmail thing. But my English must have been TERRIBLE back then. Oh my Gosh! x''D I remember when I was checking almost every single word from a dictionary. Even the easiest ones. But I guess that's okay and kind of a part of the whole 'starting to write letters in a foreing language' situation thing. :D Anyhow, I loved snail mail. I got a few more penpals. And then a few more. And more. The years passed by and here I am now. Writing a blog post about my short experience of snail mailing. 

I hope you liked that little 'story' of mine! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, I'd be glad to answer to you! :)

I ♥ snailmail.

If you like these kind of posts, go ahead and tell me! It doesn't have to be a very long and 'special' comment, just something... Well, something. Everything's fine and I love to read EVERY kind of comments. :) I might do a series kind of thing where I post texts just like this one. What do you think?

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  1. Tosi kiva idea tällainen! Voisin ehkä itsekin jossain vaiheessa (jos saan blogin tehtyä) tehdä tällaisen postauksen.


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