Outgoing letter from June :D

 I was scrolling trough some files on my computer and stumbled upon this letter that I've never posted. It was written in the beginning of June and it traveled to Daria, Germany loong time ago. I sent it before my exchange and just forgot to post I guess :D

I miss summer so much! Today morning was the first day of autumn when we had freeze. Not much, but enough to make me yearn for summer. Why does Finland have to be so cold so early? :c  


Letter full of colours & love to somewhere ~

Here's a letter I sent out some time ago and is now (has been for a while already actually) safely in California, USA! :) The letter itself is 14 pages which took me some time to write, but it was definitely worth it :D I also added one small package of my all-time favorite Jenkki chewing gum (with xylitol) and three brochures.

I would like to say I love how this envelope turned out but unfortunately I can't.. I think it looks like something my 7-year-old cousin would come up with xD


Loads of Dumles

Awhile ago I sent these sweets as a gift to my friend in Poland. He told me that finding Dumles (=Finnish candy brand) is really hard in Poland so I wanted to send him some. There are too many Dumle related food in even the smallest Finnish grocery stores that I had a hard a hard time picking the sweets I wanted to send. :D There are lollipops, donuts, hot chocolate drink powders.. I just decided to keep it simple and send those sweets in the picture. But I couldn't help myself adding a bar of Fazer chocolate and a small box of Salmiakki a.k.a salted liquorice. :D

That's all for today, see you soon with another post! :)


Pretty letter with loads of photos

Hi! What's up? I'm in the middle of an exam week and it's really not bad at all. Today I had my health education exam which went pretty well I think (I hope :'D) and tomorrow I'll just go to school to finish some art works. On Friday I'll have my math exam which is actually making me feel quite frazzled because I don't get it at all. >_< But I'll study tomorrow and hope the differentiation will be clear to me by Friday! :D

Anyway, here's a beautiful letter from Germany that I received last week but just took some time to post (sorry, Daria!). I'm totally in love with the color of that envelope, so bright and cheerful! And those photos from Ireland, Gosh they're amazing! *_* Thanks, girl!! :)


15 Questions Swap Answers

I took a part in my first Swap-bot swap ever and wanted to start carefully with an electronic swap and see how it goes. I'm excited for my first "official" swap! :D This swap is just an easy peasy one where everyone has to answer to those following questions and send the answers to their assigned partners. I decided to publish my answers here and just send the link to my partners, plus I think you might also enjoy reading my answers! :) 

  1. Imagine you were the new King/Queen of your country. What would you do first? -I would make sure that everyone is having some kind of shelter and decent food to eat!
  2. Do you talk to yourself? What do you talk about? -Yes, I actually talk to myself quite a lot! :D Mostly when I need to really think about something or make some decisions, big or small. 
  3. Do you prefer to fall asleep or to wake up? -During the week I prefer to fall asleep but in the weekend I definitely prefer to wake up -peacefully and ready for doing something nice!
  4. What would be your porn name? (First name: your first pet, last name: the street you grew up in) -Mille Turuntie xD No doubt this would be the most pathetic porn name ever
  5. When was the last time you did something forbidden? -I sneaked a magnet from a restaurant because it had the opening hours of the place on it and there were several of them. Plus the magnets had been there for ages and nobody really seemed to need them :D
  6. What is one food you'd never want to taste again? -There's only food that I can't stand and it's pea soup. Even the smell of it makes me want to throw up!
  7. What was the last song you listened to? -I'm listening to radio Loop at the moment and the song playing right now is Lush Life by Zara Larsson. My friend calls it as "my song" because I sing it sometimes :D
  8. What was the worst pickup-line you have ever heard? -Let me think.. One time a person came to me and said "Hey, I might not be the most handsome guy in here.. but I'm the only one talking to you right now". I have to admit that it really opened the conversation but it was very random pickup-line anyway x)
  9. If you were a spy what would your alias be? -I'd be 008, props to me for my originality haha
  10. If you had a "theme song" that played whenever you walk into a room full of people, what would it be? -The first option that came to my mind was Music Everywhere by Anna Abreu. I'm not exactly sure why that specific song, but I'll say it anyway
  11. How would your parents have called you if you were the opposite gender? -Somehow my parents knew all along that I'll be girl so they didn't really think of any boys' names. Only name they thought of was Martti since it's the name of my grandad (my 2nd name is a name of my grandma's so it would have made sense to give Martti to me as my 2nd name if I would've been boy xD) but I'm glad that I didn't get that name :D
  12. What are your three favorite smells? - 1) Oven fresh banana cake made by my mom 2) The smell of a Turkish bazaar full of all the herbs, fruits, soaps and just everything actually, the combination of all of them is amazing! *_* 3) Christmas sauna! The smell of that wet & dry wood, candles... Ahh I want Christmas already!
  13. What was the furthest you have ever traveled to? -That must be Eskişehir, Turkey!
  14. Have you ever been a participant in a parade? -Nope but that would be cool
  15. What was the last thing you purchased online? -I'm not sure, but I think my latest online purchase was new stamps

Those were all my answers, hope you enjoyed reading them! Twinkling Tuesday, everybody! ^^ 

Many posts coming soon!

ps. The song playing right now is Fight Song by Rachel Platten haha <3


My first mail from Hungary!


Today I don't really have much to talk about honestly.. The first exam week for this year is starting on Tuesday and I'm just trying to study as much as I can. Though I've also tried to avoid all that oh-so-boring studying by keeping myself busy with letter writing :D It has worked very well so far!

Today I also went to pick blueberries and mushrooms with mom, we came back with two full buckets of lingonberries. Makes sense, right?

Anyway, yesterday I also received my first mail ever from Hungary, a postcard from my lovely Hungarian friend from the Turkey camp. I love it! Barbara, I don't know if you'll ever see this but if you do, thanks! :)

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