From Germany

I received this letter from Germany (thank you, Daria!) on Friday. It cheered me up so much since I haven't received any mail in a long time. ^^

She sent me some Polish coins! 

Pretty envelope! :)


More outgoing! (China, Russia + Germany)

Yesterday was the first day of my last exam week this year. Today was chemistry, I honestly have no clue how it went. I wish for the best and prepare for the worst I guess. Anyway, I was able to left school at noon (I just LOVE exam weeks because of that haha :D) and now I have time to show you three of my outgoing letters to China, Russia and Germany!

Here is a letter I sent to Daria, Germany. I would say I was feeling kind of pink that day but you probably have already noticed that :D I sent her a mini notebook and Moomin lollipop, pink of course.

And this letter I sent to Shine, China. You can't see the tape very well I think, but I love that floral dark blue fabric tape I used decorating the papers. :) 

Of course I haven't taken a picture of the letter to Russia. :c Well, the writing paper was the same set with the envelope so it's the same cat pattern. :) Here's how the letters to Olga and Shine looked on the other side. 

I have only seven days left until the summer vacation (I'm still surprised about that). What about you? When will you have the well deserved vacation? Or are you already on the vacation? :)


Outgoing Postcard + Letter

I sent this 'Greetings from Loimaa' card to Menguy, Texas. I know she has already received the card like a week ago so I can safely post it now. :D We swapped postcards (here's the card I received from her) and now I'm excitedly looking forward to a letter from her. :)

And this is  a letter I sent to Xavier, China. I'm just obsessed with that letter set! I also sent him some Finnish stamps. I hope he'll like them :)

Have a great week!

ps. Have you already noticed how the penguin clock/calendar thing on the right side changes (almost) every time you refresh this page? ;) 


What have I been up to lately? ☆★

Soo I realized I haven't done these kind of posts in a looong time and wanted to create two collages for you! 

What have I done lately? (besides letter-writing, naturally :D)

Lately I've been...

☆ Hiking in amazing company
★ Struggling with chemistry, exam week is coming too soon!
☆ Watching great movies (e.g. Divergent & The Maze Runner)
★ Enjoying the spring outside as often as possible
☆ Toasting marshmallows 

★ Receiving pretty flowers for my name day (this is the first year when I have my name in the calendar ^^)
☆ Bowling with my French girl
★ Reading amazing books
☆ Celebrating Mother's Day and eating way too much cake (I'm not even kidding, I wish I was though)
★ Laughing at the most stupid things :D
☆ Receiving exciting news which I'll tell you soon.. :)
★ Having a lot of work with tutoring (I was picked as one of our school's tutors!)

What have you've been up to? I'd love to hear! 


Instagram! (not late at all, right?)


I just made an Instagram for this blog and thought I'd share it here. I've been thinking about this for AGES but I've been too lazy.. Ohwell, I did anyway, eventually :D

Go check it out and don't forget to follow! I haven't posted anything yet but I'll make sure to do that soon :) I've been thinking of posting pictures related to blog and also something about my life in general. I thought it'd be nice for you to see a bit more of my life than just seeing what I post here on the blog. ^__^


W4YL is for Waiting For Your Letter obviously ;)


➸ Introducing: Pocket Letters!


So.. A couple of days ago I was just pinning some pictures on Pinterest and I stumbled across the amazing art of Pocket Letters. Have you heard about them? It was a new thing for me so I thought I could write a post about it (not to mention my excitement about talking with someone about this..)! Being a person who LOVES snail mail, crafts, new ideas etc. I've spent like hours searching and scrolling trough things related to pocket letters. After a little research I found out it's a great idea by Janette Lane..

What are Pocket Letters? What are Pocket Letter Pals™? This is the PERFECT RESOURCE to share with your friends who have questions about this new way of sending penpal letters. It includes an explanation behind my idea, what Pocket Letters are, how to start, videos, and FAQs.

Basically Pocket Letters are just penpal letters in pocket format which is so cool! You only need a Pocket page protector of nine pockets or something similar to that (easily found from book/crafting stores I guess). Then you can just fill all the pockets with everything you want - tea bags, pictures, stickers, small accessories, magazine articles... and the actual letter. :) The Pocket Letter is easy to fold and mail in a standard 10 size envelope. And maybe the best thing about those is the fact they're EASY to storage, they fit perfectly in a binder!

My first outgoing Pocket Letters! So exciting! Thank you Pocket Letter Pals for your patience!

If you got interested in Pocket Letters, here are a few links to check out!

➸ Pocket Letter Pals and A Quick Info
➸  Pocket Letter FAQ
➸ Pocket Letter Tips & Ideas
➸ Video: Pocket Letter Tutorial by Janette Lane
➸ Video: DIY Pocket Letters by Veronica
➸ Pinterest 'Pocket Letter' search outcome :)

Janette Lane: First Outgoing Pocket Letters

And I want you to know that I'm not advertising or anything, just sharing this cool thing with you! All three pictures above are by Janette Lane whose link is also above.

So what do you think? Is this a new thing for you or are you one of those people who've seen Pocket Letters everywhere lately? I'd love to know what you guys think since at least I've fell in love with the idea ! :)


Grasshoppers & late posted letter

Haha, I just realized I haven't posted this letter I sent to Daria (Germany) even though I just posted a letter from her.. Oops. :D So these posts are in strange order, I hope you don't mind ^^

I sent her some Finnish labels/stickers (my Finn readers know those for sure ;D) and used stamps and a flag sticker. I'm in love with that bear stationery!

I like those circular flower stamps :)

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