More outgoing! (China, Russia + Germany)

Yesterday was the first day of my last exam week this year. Today was chemistry, I honestly have no clue how it went. I wish for the best and prepare for the worst I guess. Anyway, I was able to left school at noon (I just LOVE exam weeks because of that haha :D) and now I have time to show you three of my outgoing letters to China, Russia and Germany!

Here is a letter I sent to Daria, Germany. I would say I was feeling kind of pink that day but you probably have already noticed that :D I sent her a mini notebook and Moomin lollipop, pink of course.

And this letter I sent to Shine, China. You can't see the tape very well I think, but I love that floral dark blue fabric tape I used decorating the papers. :) 

Of course I haven't taken a picture of the letter to Russia. :c Well, the writing paper was the same set with the envelope so it's the same cat pattern. :) Here's how the letters to Olga and Shine looked on the other side. 

I have only seven days left until the summer vacation (I'm still surprised about that). What about you? When will you have the well deserved vacation? Or are you already on the vacation? :)

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