What have I been up to lately? ☆★

Soo I realized I haven't done these kind of posts in a looong time and wanted to create two collages for you! 

What have I done lately? (besides letter-writing, naturally :D)

Lately I've been...

☆ Hiking in amazing company
★ Struggling with chemistry, exam week is coming too soon!
☆ Watching great movies (e.g. Divergent & The Maze Runner)
★ Enjoying the spring outside as often as possible
☆ Toasting marshmallows 

★ Receiving pretty flowers for my name day (this is the first year when I have my name in the calendar ^^)
☆ Bowling with my French girl
★ Reading amazing books
☆ Celebrating Mother's Day and eating way too much cake (I'm not even kidding, I wish I was though)
★ Laughing at the most stupid things :D
☆ Receiving exciting news which I'll tell you soon.. :)
★ Having a lot of work with tutoring (I was picked as one of our school's tutors!)

What have you've been up to? I'd love to hear! 

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  1. Ihana postaus ja loistavia kuvia, tuun aina iloiseksi sun väririkkaista kuvista!! Mulla on jo kaikki kokeet ohi :)


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