Who am I?

Hello, sweet cupcakes!

I am book enthusiast, non-stop singer, 100% over thinker, Youtube addict, full-time food lover, procrastinator extraordinaire and huge everyday dreamer. I am Melissa.

People can call me weird, annoying or whatever they'd like to call me, but I like to call myself ordinary. Because we all are ordinary in our own ways, and that's what makes life. Different people with different cultures, thoughts and sources of inspiration is what I love. The world is perfect, because YOU are living in it. 

I also love bows, smiling, cute animals such as pandas and cats, making others happy, traveling, reading, blogging (obviously), friends and family, photography, playing piano (I'm just a beginner though) and other languages + cultures. I love God. I'm Christian and proud of it. God had helped me a lot, because, like all of the people in this world, I have had ups and downs in my life. Talking about personality, I am that kind of person who can talk hours and hours with no ending. I consider myself as a very positive and friendly person, but I might seem shy at first. :)

But if we're talking about me, we can't forget the 2nd biggest (God is the first) love of my life: SNAIL MAIL. Writing letters is something I couldn't live without. I couldn't live without the feeling of sending a letter and thinking about the receiver's expression when receiving it. I couldn't live without the feeling when you open a mail box and find a letter which has your name on it. I couldn't live without deco tapes and packaging materials. The smell of a new paper, choosing a stamp to match the envelope, closing the envelope, walking to the post office and, finally, letting the post officer to take care of your mail with his/hers friendly hands. Nuff said, right? 

I love all of that, but the main thing of my life, blog and videos is the fact that...

I want to inspire.


Melissa / 17 y.o. / From Finland

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And for swaps or other things, here's some of my preferences! :)
L I K E S :
  • Floral, colourful, glitter
  • Matryoshkas
  • Stationery, washi tape, stamps
  • Cute animals (pandas!)
  • Chocolate, snacks, local candy
  • Everything cute and tiny :D
  • Something creative and/or surprising
  • Crafting, scrap booking, journaling
  • Everything unique & regional :)

D I S L I K E S :
  • Skeletons
  • The Simpsons
  • Plastic toys :D
  • Black Tea & coffee

4 kommenttia:

  1. hello can i swap or be penpal with you?

    1. Yes, we can be penpals! Could you please send me a message so I can give you my address? :) My email is cute.millerina@gmail.com

  2. Löysin blogiisi tänään ja ihastuin siihen! Tuota about me- tekstiä lukiessa tuntuu ihan ku olisin sen itse kirjoittanut! Kirjottelu on parasta & Jeesus myös! ;) Jään seurailee !

    1. Kiva, että löysit tänne! Apua, tuon tekstin kirjoituksesta on jo aika paljon aikaa. Oli heti pakko lukea läpi, mitä olin laittanut! :D Sulla on myös ihana blogi ja upeita kuvia!♡


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