Turkey ✰ Part three

Here's the Part three of my exchange story! This is about my return home and all the feels and my souvenirs and... I don't even know yet :D

The exchange was only for three weeks but it certainly felt like three months. Every single day I experienced something new and it was amazing, like every day was a new adventure. At first everything felt too surreal and I couldn't even believe I was in Turkey. Then, when I had finally understood my new life and adapted to Turkish culture, I had to leave my host host family and head for the camp. It was hard but it was something I just had to do. The camp time was amazing and I couldn't even believe it was over until I walked through the security at the airport. It was a strange feeling when I found myself sitting in the airplane and heading to Finland. Only then I realized I was leaving Turkey. I didn't know should I be happy for seeing my friends, family and home or sad about leaving my other home and my life in Turkey with all the people I met there.

I really feel like I left a huge part of me (including my heart ;) ) in Turkey and I will be visiting Turkey sooo many times in the future! I met the best people in the world and I wouldn't be more grateful.

Souvenirs  :

1. Some sweets, of course.. ;) 2. During the camp we also went to hamam a.k.a. Turkish bath which was.. interesting experience. xD We got those little packages from there and 3. there were a small towel and soap inside 4. An ornament we all got from one of the camp leaders, a snow ball (is that the name? xD) from Dolmabahce Palace and some playing cards from Istanbul 5. When I took this picture I really thought that here was all my souvenirs but.. no, not even close. I found so many other things when I unpacked my suitcase :D Anyway, I think you can see the majority here! Here's also all the gifts I got from my amazing host family  One of my favorites is that hali (yes, my Finnish fellas, hali means a carpet in Turkish!) I got from them. :) 6. You could find those small pouches EVERYWHERE so of course I had to buy some of them, and I find them so cute! 7. These bracelets were for my cousins, they loved them ^^ 8. Turkish tea!! I totally fell in love with it! In Finland I don't really care about tea but the Turkish one was great so of course I had to bring some tea with me 9. My favorite necklaces at the moment 

Mail that was waiting for me when I came back! Actually I was quite surprised that I didn't get more than two envelopes in three whole weeks. But it's good that the lack of mail happened when I was away because I couldn't even have time (or possibility) to reply to them :D

1. The envelopes were from Xavier, China and Fab, Italy . 2. The SPSH 2015 was a fail for me this time, but you can't be lucky all the time. But I was lucky to receive these goodies from Fab as a replacement 'package', I really like them! Thank you :) 3. Xavier sent me Vietnamese money (so beautiful!) and a card with '8' because why not ;) 4. Chinese stamps ^^

These are more recent pictures (even though it's already been awhile since they were took)!

I don't think it's necessary to put the numbers here.. It's just me enjoying my Finnish life with my family and cousins. :D Picking wild strawberries from our backyard, playing, laughing and flying kites. I can't remember the last time I would've flown a kite so it was funny haha :D

After the three weeks of hugging strangers, hearing language that you desperately wanted to understand but just couldn't, drinking tea every day and living in huge cities, my life in Finland felt surreal for once. But now I'm here again, everything went so safe and sound and I wouldn't be more thankful. 

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