Fourth day means a parcel to California

Hey! Today I'd like to show you this parcel that I sent to Jade, California. I was super excited to collect all the items to this parcel and of course to decorate it (which I'm pretty sure you're aware of ;D)! 

Here's all things that I sent:

There were chocolate (Fazer, of course), tissues, lipgloss, lingonberry shampoo, brochures, tape, glitter, a pen, brochures and a makeup bag inside the parcel. And the letter too of course! :)

Below you can see how I decorated the parcel. I went a little crazy, I know.. :D

This is the other side of the packaging:

I put a little surprise gift in(to?) the Finland-patterned makeup bag: a bracelet! ^^ 

I sent this parcel weeks ago, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise. That's why I'm posting this now. :) 

Hopefully Jade liked this little surprise and you guys enjoyed reading this post! 

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