Bunch of Used Stamps & Other Swaps & Letter from Germany

As promised, here's more of my latest mail, mostly swaps! :)

This first envelope is for the "Coins Swap E", I sent a whole Finnish euro coin set to Thailand:

And here's some lovely incoming mail:

A card I received from Florida, "Simply a Senders Choice Tourist PC" swap, love the stamps!!

And I also got a pretty letter (love the envelope!!) from the amazing Daria, Germany. I love how she'd wrapped her letter and goodies! <3

A long, pretty letter and stickers and a couple memos ^^

I also joined "20 Used Post Stamps #26" swap because I thought it'd be so much fun, and I was right :D I've never really "collected" stamps or even thought it'd be interesting. I've just somehow always really liked different stamps from different places but never actually called it "collecting" them. I decided to get rid of some prejudices of stamp collecting being extremely boring hobby and joined the swap. I really like what my Dutch partner sent me!

As the title says, the idea was to send 20 used post stamps, anything more will just be extra. Well, my partner sent me these definitely 20+ stamps and... 

...also these stamps as an extra gift! <3

 And here's two closer look pictures because I couldn't decide which pics to post! :D

My faves :)

Thanks, everyone!! ^^

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