★ Two Outgoing Swaps

Here's some of the mail I sent last week!

Left: Favourite Quote PC Swap ★ Right: 20 Used Post Stamps #26 Swap

I really can't say I like the plain envelope that left to Germany, I should've decorated it :/

But I like the stamp I put on it :D

And the card's also to Germany  

These are the stamps I sent:

For what I know, at least the postcard is already received. Now I'm just waiting for my other mail to reach their destinations.. :)

And I just realized today is exactly 100 days from the last night in Turkey! I still can't believe it! Time is a strange thing, it always amazes me. So tomorrow is a day when I've been at home again for total 100 days. Wow. O__O That's all I can say really.

I'll talk to you guys soon with more mail I sent last week! 

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