✿ I'm not dead & Cool mail ✿

Hi! YES, I'm alive. :) Gosh it's been too long since I've posted anything!! But it doesn't mean I haven't been active with mail stuff.. I actually have some cool things to show you in the future. :D

But now to some incoming mail from last week!

Here is a letter that I got from my new Polish penpal Martyna! She sent me a coin, some tea, movie ticket, handmade bracelet (love it!) and more. :) Thank you!

And this letter is from Xavier, China. He sent me a post card and a little (play?) card which is actually a hologram so it changes colours if you look it from different angles, so cool! And eight also happens to be my lucky number so yey :D Thanks, Xavier!

Here's a better picture of the card! :)

Stay tuned for more posts soon! ;)

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  1. Kivoja! Tuskin maltan odottaa, että pääsen taas itsekin kirjoittamaan kirjeitä... Enää vähän reilut kolme viikkoa Espanjaa jäljellä. ^^


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