Lovely birthday present / package from Germany *__*

 Today is my birthday and it would be a huge understatement to say I was excited when I saw a package from Daria in my mailbox.. I think enthusiastically hysterical would describe it better. :D Anyway, the package was full of everything I absolutely adore! Thank you, Daria!!

I filmed the whole thing in three pictures! Below you can find more about them..

The first things that came out when I opened the package were a pink bow (I've said I love bows, right? :D) and other little goodies such as stickers and etc inside a cute mini plastic bag! Also some envelopes, lots of tapes (!! <3), paper, mini playing cards, a letter and adorable birthday card. ^^ 

Then there were cute stickers, a postcard, Blippo (love it!) key chain + another key chain, stationery which I love sooo much and some birthday tags inside a pink envelope. :)

And the last thing I got was this pinkish box which was full of glitters and even more deco tape *_*

Oh, and we can't forget the stamps, can we?

Hope your day was as magical as mine! :)

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