To China & Austria

Yey I'm finally on holiday and I can focus on the blog a bit more!! :)

So I think it's already safe to post these two letters here because I sent them out about two weeks ago... Hopefully they're already received . :)

This first letter is an intro letter to my new Austrian penpal, Lisa ^^

(Side note: It's been very sunny in here for a few days and that's why I wanted to edit the picture a bit more spring-ish than those other pictures because I edited them on different days.. xD)

And this one is to Shine, China! I sent her some Finnish stamps, a movie ticket and a brochure from Turku Cathedral which I recently visited :)

Happy week for you all, hopefully it's full of mail!!!

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  1. What a lovely letter paper! Where do you buy your stationery?

    1. Thanks, Ola!! Usually I buy my stationery online from different places (I actually ordered a huge pile of letter sets a while ago, I'll post that soon ^^) but the papers in this post are free printables. I showed the link for the freebies in this post :) Go to check it out if you're interested!


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