Spreading happiness!


I've been super happy lately, and to be honest I don't even know the exact reason why. I guess it's just the weather that makes me happy the most. It's so bright and sunny outside (which is insane, it's February!!) and sometimes you can even hear the birds singing. Sounds cliche, I know. :D But also I've been having a great and not-stressful-at-all holiday and I've had a chance to relax and do what want to do. Without having to worry about school. My family and relatives are doing fine. I just can't think of a reason why I shouldn't or couldn't be happy. And, here are so many beautiful reasons to be happy! :)

I hope you'll think about that too. Why shouldn't you be happy? Happiness is a choice, you know. Choose it.

Talking about happiness, I was in very happy mood while writing this letter to Daria, Germany. People should do what they love. And I love making others (and myself at the same time) happy by sending mail. 

Happy (mail) is the keyword of today's post. 

If you haven't smiled yet, do it now. :)

See you next time!!

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