Card from... TEXAS!

We have an exam week now and because of that we can leave school after we've finished our exams (that's how it goes if there's no 'special' activity planned for us, though). Today was my Russian exam's turn so it didn't take me too long and I was ready to leave at 12.00. Now I've been at home for 40 minutes or so and since I should study for my tomorrow's Swedish exam (and Thursday's English exam..) I'm writing to you guys.. Trying to keep myself busy I guess. xD 

Anyway, here is a card that I received last week but just forgot to put in my last blog post:

It's from a Chinese girl living now in Texas, Mengyu! We decided to exchange postcards from where we live and explain our cultures a bit that way. I love the idea! I should send my card out ASAP, I guess I'll have time to write a card today.. Okay, not. I really should study. :D But if you're reading this, Mengyu, I promise to write it this week!! Thanks :)

Oh and in the corner of this ^ picture is a letter I sent to Martyna, Poland. I filmed the card and the letter at the same time! :D I won't post any more pictures of that letter yet, I'll wait until it's received so the surprise won't get ruined.. ;) Haha, take care and I'll talk (write) to you soon!

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