Lack of inspiration & two incoming letters


At times I find it really hard to come up with something to write here. This is one of those times. 

The school day was normal. Busy, but normal. It's only been like two weeks since I came back from Russia and I'm already feeling the biggest urge to get abroad. So nothing's changed. :D 

Only thing that has changed is that I've received these two beauties and they made me super happy!

The letter with many stamps on (I mean, look at them. How pretty!) is from my new penpal Sara from Malaysia and the other is from Shine, China. :)

The stamps on Shine's letter are also really nice:

 And the letter overall is amazing!

And so is this one from Sara!

Thanks! :)

I haven't written much lately, I've just been waiting for an inspiration.. Hopefully I'll feel like writing again very soon :D

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  1. Toivottavasti kirjoittamis into on palannut! :) Itselläkin se on ollut hieman hukassa, mutta ehkä se siitä kun vaan pakottaa itsensä tarttumaan kynään eikä nuku kaikki vapaapäivät.. :)


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