Chaincard Projects Almost Completed

Hey! For everyone who's been wondering how I look like when I get mail, here you go haha:

I was happy to find these three in my mail box yesterday after coming home from school:

They were all chain cards from the chain card projects I've been in! :)

This is my own card that I finally received!! It's flower themed and it traveled all the way from Finland to Japan, and then to Australia and Croatia from where it finally came back to Finland. I love how colorful and pretty the card turned out:

This card is from the same chain than the one I just got but mine was one step ahead :D It's also very colorful:

This one is from my very first chain card project ever. I've already got my own card back but this one is still on its way... I got it from USA:

And here are the two cards that are still continuing their travel:

I sent the cards back to the owners (to Rachel, Scotland & to Chihiro, Japan) which is a relief because both of the cards are pretty much ran out of space :D

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  1. Tosi nättejä postimerkkejä kaikissa korteissa! :D Hirveästi innostaisi taas liittyä noihin ketjuihin, mutta ei ole tarpeeksi postimerkkejä tai varaa sellaiseen :D


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