Me Being a Lazy Blogger xD - Incoming & Outgoing

Živjo! (that's hello in Slovenian, I guess that's the correct spelling :D)

I feel like I'm always late posting the mail I've got or sent so please forgive me! >_<

These are three incoming lovelies I received just a bit after the beginning of 2016:

A letter from Poland (picture below ^^), a letter from a new penpal from Sri Lanka (the envelope was kind of the letter at the same time so I didn't take any other pictures of it) and a flower themed chain card that came from China (mine's here) :)

Here's the cute letter from Martyna, Poland :

And now to the outgoing mail!

The chain card ready to travel to its next destination - Malaysia:

A letter to Martyna with a few pages about places you can see in Turku and an eraser (sorry about the awful lightning! :c):

And a letter to the new Sri Lankan penpal Suhanya ♡:

I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend! 

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