Mail just a few days after Christmas

Heyy! I just came back home, I was in Stockholm with my godparents and my godmother's niece.

Here is some outgoing mail from the first few days after Christmas !

First, two flower themed chaincards (Instagram) I sent to Malaysia and Japan (my shadow looks so funny in this picture!):

Also I sent a letter to Shine, China:

The envelope I sent her letter in (notice the Christmas tree a.k.a. the prettiest shooting background ever):

    --> And then to the incoming mail!

First, a beautiful Christmas present from Daria, Germany:

 Unfortunately the paper had torn a bit in mail but no damage inside! I love the decorations!
She sent me a lot of pretty stationery, cool candy, a notebook, tapes, a keychain, a card.... Oh, and a thing I don't know the name of in English. A key housing perhaps? If someone knows how to call it, please tell me! :D

This pretty little one is from Chloe, Hong Kong:

Inside the envelope I found this Christmas card...

...which turned out to be many cards put together as a letter! I love the idea! My friends are so creative :)

Inside the little 'envelope' in the picture below were...

...three coins from Hong Kong! I love them!

Also there was another cool little pocket in the 'letter' with stickers from the Hong Kong Disneyland inside ^^

Thanks, girls! <3

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  1. IHANAN näköistä postia!
    Itse sain yhden ison kirjeen kirjotettua ja lähetettyä viikko sitten maanantaina ja sen jälkeen innostus on laantunut.. :( Jos nyt taas saisi itseään niskasta kiinni ja kirjoittamaan niin olisi ihan hyvä..
    Kiitos muuten aivan IHANASTA joulukortista! Ilmestyy bloginkin puolelle heti kunhan saan sen ja 50 muuta korttia skannattua! :D


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