Mail Week 47 (3/3) - Outgoing & Incoming

Heyy! Here's the part three of this week's mail 

Today we're going to theatre to celebrate my grandparents' wedding anniversary and have a good family dinner. What are you doing today? :)

I was soo in Christmas mood when taking these pictures, that's why the background is what it is. :D And talking about Christmas, I've had a little Christmas card factory going on this weekend. I can't wait to show you the cards I've made! Have you already made/bought some Christmas cards? 

First I want to show you this envelope I sent to Tinne, Belgium  

I sent her some Finnish stamps in the exchange of some nice coins (we'll get to that later..) 

Also I've sent and received and sent again postcards.. The left one is for a Disney PC swap on Swap-bot (the first one never made it so I had to resend, ugh >_<) and the other one is for a Chaincard Project on Instagram (my card's here). It's from the U.S. (NY) and I already sent it off to Scotland. :) It's so rude that the post officers have ruined those pretty stamps with a marker!! 

I also received some really nice coins from Lily in this envelope (notice the stamp, I think those are so funny :D) 

Coins from Thailand and Malaysia 

Especially the Malaysian one (left) is soo pretty! 

Now to the coins from Tinne! If I remember right, this is the first time for me to receive something from Belgium :)

Cool old coins from the Netherlands and Belgium ↴  

Thank you all!! 

That's all from now, please stay tuned for something else next time! ;)

4 kommenttia:

  1. One of the stamps I put on the envelope disappeared. I am glad it still arrived without problems! Thank you very much for the stamps and the nice envelope you made. I am going to keep it with other mail art I received. :)

    1. Oh no, it must've dropped off at some point! :O But yeah, I still got it with no problems. Thanks ❤ It was nice to swap with you! :)

  2. Hyvä että viimein saapui! :D Ensin palasin 2 päivän jälkeen lähtöpisteeseen jolloin lisäsin tuon "VASTAANOTTAJA" tekstin :D Tuli sitten kuitenkin lopulta perille vaikka postimerkin päälle oli lisätty leima jo sillä bumerangi reissullaan :D

    1. Oho, hyvä tosiaan että tuli lopulta perille! :D Ja kiitti tosi paljon!! :)


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