Mail, mail, mail..

First of all: It's been a very dreary day which means crappy light, I'm sorry about that. :/

Anyway, here are two things to show you from last week. Mail is traveling soooo slowly these days because of the postal strikes :c I have a lot of mail traveling either to or from (or in, too) Finland and it's taking so long..

This postcard is for the first chain card project that I've ever joined and I'm so excited! The path will be Finland - Scotland - Hong Kong- USA - Finland :)

And here is a letter I received from Chloe, Hong Kong ^^

I love the writing paper!!! :) Thank you!

Oh, and last weekend I was at the Finnish Handicrafts 2015 Fair (Käsityömessut Tampereella) and I thought of making a short post about that as well when I have time. :)

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