Mail Week 47 (1/3) - Incoming

As I promised, I've got a lot mail to show you! I'll post all my mail of week 47 in three parts, this is the part one! :) In this one there will be only some of the incoming mail I've received this week (still not all of it :D)...

First a pretty letter from Poland! I love it, thanks Martyna!  

(It's funny how the letter came to me even though it says only "Melissa". There's only my last name written on the mailbox , not even the number of my house. The mailman must have learned that all the pretty envelopes are for me xD)

Also I received this cutie from Germany (look at those owls! ♥) 

 Thanks, Daria!! You have no idea how much I love everything you sent! I mean, look at those stickers for example :D

Aaand also my stamp order arrived! I wanted to use some of the stamps instantly so I had to take pictures of them in the evening ---> the reason for that awful lightning >_<

These are my faves at the moment! 

I'm so excited to use these new Christmas stamps, they're so pretty and shimmery ♥ 

Stay tuned for part 2! 

2 kommenttia:

  1. beautiful stamp! It's too cute!
    Can I write a letter to you? I really want those stamps. =D
    Sorry for my straight forward thought~

    email me: virtual.wis89@gmail.com

    1. Hey! I sent you a message, sorry for taking so long! :)


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