Mail Week 47 (2/3) - Outgoing ❄

Here's the part two of this week's mail! 

Here are two things I've sent out this week (more in the part 3 haha :D) :

First a Coin Swap to the Netherlands, I sent three Finnish euro coins  

And I also sent an Instagram swap to Gülin in Turkey (Bursa) 

I sent her a lot of different envelopes & other stationary, chewing gum, tea and some tape which you can't really see because stupid me >_< (Gülin: I had to change the glitter to a flatter one because it was a bit too thick, I hope you don't mind )

The stamps (I don't know what I was thinking when I put the left one like that haha) :) 

Ps. It's snowing also in my village now! I can't decide whether I like it or not. I like snow because it might make it look brighter and prettier outside BUT if the snow isn't going to last for long (which I'm sure it doesn't), there's gonna be slush. And a lot of it. And sleet. But let's just hope that's not gonna happen soon! :D Has it already snowed in your country/town? 

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