A small birthday package to Germany!

Hiii! I haven't had any time or motivation to send mail lately... soo here is a small parcel I sent out to Germany and which is already received! :)

My penpal had birthday and I wanted to send her a little something because she also sent me a gift when I had my birthday. Here's what I sent her:

Chocolate (I mean, seriously. :D), chewing gum, a pen, shower gel, other candies, erasers, stickers, a nail file, magnet, brochures... It was really nice to put those together! And my penpal also seemed to like them which is of course the whole point :) 

Unfortunately I certainly had no time to take a picture of the package itself (as I was literally running to the post office after school haha) but I decorated it with light green Moomin gift wrapping paper. :D

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oi miten paljon kaikkea pientä ja suloista oot saanut mahtumaan kuoreen! Mietin käsitystäsi pienestä paketista.. :D Tuossahan on valtavasti!

    1. Voi, kiitti! Joo, no sanotaan vaikka että kuori on pieni, sisältö ehkä ei niinkään xD


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