My Sticker Slapped PC & a Letter

Here's some more mail from a long time ago! :D

First a letter I sent to Chloe, Hong Kong:

As I said, from a LONG time ago haha. Today I received her reply xD

Oh and here's my Sticker Slapped PC that I said I'd show you as soon it would be received:

I chose "Childhood" as the theme of my postcard. :) The card went to Washington, USA.

Today was the first day of my last school period this year and I think I've finally gotten my motivation back! :) In this period I'll have only 4 courses out of six: French (I have no idea how I'm gonna keep up with all my language studies xD), philosophy and two English courses (basic class course and oral communication). I'm thinking of starting a writing course as well but I'm not sure yet :)

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  1. Ihanaa postia! :) Laitoin maanantaina kolikot tulemaan, mutta saapui eilen takaisin lähtöpisteelle eikä tietenkään postisetä käynyt tänään tyhjentämässä laatikkoa täällä päin. Lähtee huomenna uudelle yritykselle, JOS postisetä päättää tällä kertaa käydä! :)


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