Some Received & Sent Mail

The week before the "prom" week (click!) was full of mail because I wanted to send out as many letters as I could and I was also happy to receive some! 

I sent a letter to Tabby in California with some small flags, mail tag and pages of a brochure:

Also I sent this one to Sue, Sri Lanka (also with mini flags and pages of a brochure):

And this one to Martyna, Poland (Why do I think it's not necessary to write what I sent her with the letter? xD):

And before sending the letter above I got a letter from her (well, obviously :D), I really like all of it :

Oh, and the stamps on the letter I sent to California:

With those letters I finally used all my Christmas stamps :D

Now I need to go to sleep, I have to wake up early tomorrow... Bye! 

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