Cute Mail from Hong Kong & Switzerland

Good morning, day, afternoon or night, whichever you're having right now!

For me, it's morning. I woke up today with a lot of energy and excitement for everything that's going to happen today! :D

But here is some mail I received earlier this month:

The letter is from Chloe, Hong Kong, and the cupcake postcard is from a friend from Switzerland. I think they're both super cute!

 As soon as I saw the "Please open gently" text on the envelope, I almost didn't even want to take the picture because I just wanted to see what was inside! :D

And this is what was inside:

Turned out it was the cutest mini booklet/flipbook/letter ever! *__*

On the last page there was a small drawing by Chloe's sister which I think is really adorable! And in the picture there's also the stamp that was on the card I got from Switzerland :

Thanks! :)

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  1. Aww ompa todella suloinen kirje! Ja aivan ihana tuo flipbook kirje :) Ihana kun ihmisillä riittää kekseliäisyyttä :3


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