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Hello! I'm back with new pictures! I just came back from Nurmes where I was volunteering at an International camp.. I've been in a rush for the last 1,5 months but now I'm settling down again. And I've got plenty pictures and stories for you guys! I'll write you another part of my Turkey exchange very soon, I just wanted to talk about these newer things first :)

So, yes, I was at the camp. It was amazing experience and I learned a lot more about myself. It turned out very well even though I wasn't really feeling like going there at first.. The bus trip was so long and I felt like I would have preferred staying home with my friends and family since I'd just came back to Finland. But I'm happy I went there! Now I'm just happily at home again :D

I had these two cuties waiting for me when I came back home and I was thrilled to see them! 

This one is from Kinga, Poland. I hadn't heard from her for months so I was sooo surprised and happy to receive that letter!! She sent me a postcard and some interesting-sounding sweet chili tea along the letter :)

And this baby is from Jade, California! You guys have no idea how happy I was to see that letter waiting for me :D She also sent me some stickers that I just noticed I had unfortunately left out of the picture.. I don't know how that happened xD And that postcard is from Hawaii <3

Thank you both! 

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