Turkey ✰ Part 1

Hello, loves!! 

I'm back in the business again, after three weeks I finally have some time to sit down and open my computer and write about all those crazy things that have happened to me. I actually tried to write a blog post a few times but I always got distracted and/or I just didn't feel like writing... But here I am again. With a bunch of pictures!! I think I have so many pictures that I should do two or three separated posts. :D

Soo as you know I've spent the last three weeks in beautiful and sunny Turkey! First I was living in a host family and this post will be about that time. I really liked my host family and I feel like I couldn't have asked for better family! ♥ I landed on Istanbul on Sunday and went to the seaport to take a ferry to Mudanya, Bursa. My first view of Bursa was unbelievably amazing, it was at night and the first (and only) thing I saw was those beautiful lights in pitch black city. It shocked me at first, because I had just gotten used to Finland's clear and not-dark-at-all nights. :D

This first collage is from my first two days in Bursa:

1. Walking around Bursa with friends 2. Seaport where I took the ferry 3. The first Mosque I visited, Bursa the Great Mosque  4. We went to an amusement park and there was this cool water fountain 5. Look at that view!!!! 6. Melisa (with one s) is also a common name in Turkey so I was so thrilled when I saw that cool shop :D 7. Yours truly and the view *__* 8. A tower near the vantage point 9. Just a picture from a bridge in Bursa, I love the mountains!

And these pictures are from the other days in host family:

1. My host family had also a daughter who lived a few houses from their house and her house provided this AMAZING view, I'd never seen anything like that before! It looks a bit bland in the picture, but it was incredible! 2. We also visited the Bursa zoo and saw many animals, for example that giraffe ;) 3. Same place :D 4. Iskender kebab is the special kebab of Bursa and we also ate that and OF COURSE it was reeeally good! 5. My first postcards from Turkey to Finland 6. Just walking somewhere (?) 7. Dut!! Have you heard about that before? Especially my Finnish readers: We don't have anything like that in Finland, right? Oletteko kuulleet tosta ennen? Suomennos taisi olla silkkiäispuu tai jotain sinne päin :D But I really liked it!  8. & 9. More pictures from the Zoo 

Last days in host family :

1. We went to Istanbul for one day and this picture is from the seaport when we arrived there 2. Dolmabahce Palace and 3. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque were both so cool! 4. Back to Bursa! Another view :D 5. More postcards.. 6. Me at the balcony of my hosts' house 7. I really like those Turkish houses! This is the neighborhood of where my host family lived 8. Pool, I have so many great memories from there ♥ 9. Bursa, again :D

That's all from now, I hope you liked my little travel story part one! Stay tuned for more.. ;) 

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