Sent + received DAYS ago :O / Tosi monen päivän takaisia posteja

Hey and happy Sunday! :)

I was searching through the pictures on my camera and found these three pics of some mail I hadn't posted yet! So here we go :D

This first one is a letter to Daria, Germany. I don't know why but I was definitely in summer mood while decorating the letter even though it's winter and there's a lot of snow outside. :D I just felt I had to do something summer-ish. (And Daria: if you're seeing this post, I know you received the letter and I actually got your letter too on Friday, thanks! ^^)

And here is a cute card I received last week from Jadey, USA. :)

I LOVE those stamps!!

See you soon with some new mail! (I have LOTS to show you :O )

ps. I've no idea why the colour of those pictures is so bad and greyish. Sorry!

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