Mail from USA / Postia USA:sta

Hey sweeties! :D

Here's a letter I received.. well, two or two and half weeks ago. I had forgotten to post it! I've already sent a reply too, by the way. I'll post it after a couple of days when I think it might be received.

So this pretty letter is from Jadey, California. Love all the colours, washis, papers and.. everything actually! :D Thanks, Jadey!

Funny stamps from USA! ^^ I took the picture by my white Christmas tree if you're wondering.. :D

That's all from now ~ See you soon with some more new mail! ^_^  

2 kommenttia:

  1. Did you get my Christmas postcard as well? :O

    1. Oh yes I did! Thank you so much :) I actually just posted it because I had forgotten, so yey for that xD


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