What's inside my purse?

Helmi tagged me to show what's inside my purse, thank you!

Here's what I found:

1. Bandaid - I always keep things like bandaids, painkillers etc. with me :D  //laastari
2. Memory-stick - Very handy to have  //muistitikku
3. Vanilla hand cream - I wouldn't love this product more <3  //käsivoidetta
4. Hello Kitty wallet - Very old, but I just think it's super cute and I can't abandon it by buying a new one.  //lompakko
5. Scissors - You'll never know what you are going to need  //sakset
6. Moomin chewing gum - It's like an addiction  //purkkaa
7. Key - I need a proper keychain xD (I have other keys too, but because I don't have keychain they're all around my room. It's bad, I know D:)  //avain
8. Hairbands - Don't need to explain..  //hiuspompuloita
9. Lipbalm - I think it goes to the same don't-need-to-explain category with hairbands :D + I love that product too!  //huulirasvaa
10. Mini notebook and a pen - just in case :D  //pikkuinen vihko ja kynä

Some things are missing from the picture, for example my phone! :D

Eli Helmi haastoi minut kuvaamaan laukkuni sisällön ja tuossa ylhäällä näkyy mitä löysin. ^ 

Mä haastan Jennyn, Even ja Jennin. :)

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