Saksasta ja Saksaan / From & To Germany

Hi guys! So it took a little bit longer to write this post, I know.. :/ But here it comes anyway! 

Here's a letter that I got from Daria, Germany:

I really like this letter and stationary, so cute! Thank you Daria <3

And below you can see the envelope she sent her letter in (so cute!) and the envelope of a letter I sent to her. I'm not going to show you what was inside the letter yet, because I want to keep it as a secret until the letter is received. :) So I'll post a picture later!

Happy Halloween!! I wish we celebrated it more in Finland, which we don't, but I still have a few Halloween decorations going on in my room because I think Halloween is a very cool thing! :) (I just realized that my sentences are way too long sometimes xD) Do you celebrate Halloween? ^^

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