Hiukan vihreää, sinistä ja valkoista / A little bit green, blue and white

Here's a letter I sent out last week. It's to Kinga, Poland. I always love to decorate and plan the colours of the letter but it was particularly fun with this one! I don't know why, it just was. :D So (I'm sure you can see it yourself, but I'll tell anyway) the colour "theme" of this letter is green, white and blue with a little bit of yellow. I even chose the green&blue&yellow teabag. ^^ And if someone's wondering about the envelope, it's made by me with those pretty labels from Ikea. 

Today was such a great mail day, I'll show you what I received in a few days! Have a great (mail) day, lovelies!! :) See you soon (hopefully in English, but let's see if I have time to write) ^^

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  1. amazing envelope! My name is Kinga too, but this envelope not for me :(



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