Christmas Mail ♡


Lately I've been sooo busy with school and making Christmas cards/gifts that I haven't been sending that much mail but here's a quick update anyway! :)

Tomorrow's the last day of school this year and also I'm taking the English oral exam tomorrow which will be the last exam of this exam week and the whole year! Yey! I also started my driving school this month and the first driving lesson will be on next Monday. ^^

So here's some the mail of these few weeks:

1. A letter to Jade, California with... 2. ..a Christmas themed Mail Tag! 3. The envelope which I think is really cute ^^ 4. A beautiful letter from Tabby, California! That picture is the only one with the normal looking colours because I left from school earlier on Tuesday and was able to take the picture before the sunset (literally at 2 pm or something xD)

1. Two mails from last week (? or something, I can't remember :D): a chain card and an Instagram swap! 2. Stamps on the chain card so far :) 3. A close-up of the Instagram swap I sent to Irem, Turkey 4. A letter to Daria which has already been received some time ago because I got the reply today! :D I'll upload the picture during the weekend so you can see it! 

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  1. Moi! Sinulle olisi Liebster Award -haaste blogissani: http://ivylilycrafts.blogspot.fi/2015/12/christmas-tag-liebster-award.html

    Hauskaa joulun odotusta!

    1. Moikka ja anteeksi tooosi myöhäisestä vastauksesta! Kiitti, yritän vastailla haasteeseen kun ehdin! :)

  2. Ihanan näköistä postia! :D Itsellä olisi inspistä ja motivaatiota kirjoittaa aina työpäivinä ja sitten vapaapäivät meneekin nukkuessa ja yrittäen saada kaiken valmiiksi. :)
    Mukavaa Joulun odotusta! :3


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