Yllättävä kirje + muuta! / A surprising letter + other stuff!

Hello I haven't posted anything in very long time and I'm so sorry! I've missed ya :') Last week I had an exam week and this week was the first week of the third period so I've been veeery busy. It's been almost hectic to be honest. :c But I'm back guys!! :D I have quite much mail to show you so let's get started with this post...

About a week ago I received some quite surprising mail... I had a Malaysian penpal about two (maybe even three) years ago. At one point, my letters never made it to Malaysia and we ended up sending postcards. About a year ago we weren't sending postcards anymore. I really don't know (or even remember) why it happened. :D At one point I didn't even remember was it my or her turn and it just.. Well, stopped. BUT a few days ago I received a LETTER from her and at first I didn't even realize who it was from. (?) When I found out that it was from my Malaysian penpal De Wenley I was so amazed and excited. I literally smiled hours after receiving that letter! I was so happy and glad because she hadn't forgotten me :)

Just a picture of De Wenley's beautiful writing paper ~ ^^

And this one is a letter I sent to my Chinese penpal Shine. I can't help it but I think it's very cool how the eraser (?) I sent her matches with the writing paper! :'D The envelope is made by me ^^

Oh, and here's the letter I promised to show you in my 2nd last post! It's to Daria, Germany. The little bag which says 'Muumimamman voimajuoma' is a tea bag :)

Bye guys! Have an amazing weekend!! <3

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