Keskiviikon posti / Wednesday's mail

Those I received on Wednesday, love them! I got a postcard from Xinhui, Singapore and a letter from Olga, Ukraine. There was some coffee inside the letter. :3

Ukrainian stamps:

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  1. Have you received mine? ._. I sent it 3 weeks ago and it usually doesn't take this long for you to get mine. :o

    1. Yes! It actually came on Friday and I was supposed to post it here today. It took so long if you sent it 3 weeks ago :-o

    2. :O I wonder why it took so long. Maybe because my envelope is different lol. Sorry about that! But yay I'm glad you recieved it! :D

  2. Näyttääpä tutulta kahvilta :D sain itsekin samaa tällä viikolla!


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